Some of my Previous Machines

My history with the use of a computer started at an early age and is a walk down memory lane for some people.

Where it started

The Atari 400 was my first introduction to a home computer.  With only 16k of ram and a mylar keyboard it was the thing in the day.  I remember typing in many a BASIC program and loading many others off of cassette tapes.  There was also cartridges available, but most of them were games.  I remember playing many an hour of Pac-Man and Star Raiders on one of these.

Around 1986 I inherited my dad's Atari 1200XL when he bought his first IBM PC/XT clone a Tandy 1200HD.  It was he only Tandy that was on industry standard architecture and you could do alot of upgrading to it unlike the later 1000 series.

 The 1200XL was the last true Atari Machine before Warner Brothers bought them up back in '84.  This machine didn't last long and an experiment trying to upgrade it's memory did it in.

It's replacement machine ended up being the 800XL.  One of the first two machines to be released after the WB buyout.  This unit had 64k like the 1200XL, but also had BASIC built into the unit unlike the 400 & 1200XL.  I still own this unit and it continues to work fine.  I usually get it out when I'm craving a good game of Pac Man, Centipede, or Space Invaders.  I like playing those games on the of day console instead of Playstation.  It just isn't the same.

1988 saw my move to the IBM clones.  I was giving a choice by my parents of being able to go on a school trip or having my own IBM PC clone.  Well I went for the clone and landed a PC Brand PC with 512k, dual 5 1/4 floppies, and a monochrome monitor.  At least this one was amber and not green.  With the cutting of many lawns and shoveling snow I ended up with 2 20meg MFM hdd's, 3 1/2 floppy(cutting edge stuff then),  and a CGA monitor.  16 color's woohoo!!!  I wrote many a basic program on this box.

I lived with that machine until about '92 when I inherited someones IBM PC/AT.  The hard drives and floppy came out of the old box and went into this one.  It was definitly a screamer for it's day.  I was also introduced to Windows 286 on this machine.  Very archaic compared to the Windows OS's of today.

I kept that machine for about a year and ended up selling it to a friend when I aquired my next box.  In the summer of '93 I  did some odd work for a computer shop and ended up with a 386DX-33 with 80mb hdd, and VGA monitor.  That was the day I leapfrogged ahead of my dad in machines.  This machine say Windows 3.0.  It was close to 3.1x, but not quite as refinded.

The 386 hummed away 'til 96 when I upgraded the motherboard in it to a 486DX2/66.  It saw a 850mb hdd and a CD Rom.  It was a big step up for me. It also saw Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. This machine was flaky from the start and ended up getting upgraded to an AMD x5-133 later that year.  '98 saw my first Pentium machine.  A P100.  It never worked right either and was flaky.  Later in '88 saw an AMD K6 200mhz overclocked to 240mhz.  That machine is still live and well and resides on my home network.  I used it up through the fall of '00 when I bought the PIII 500E.  The PIII is an interesting machine.  It is home to 3 operating systems.  Win 98, Win 2000Pro, and Red Hat Linux V.7.2.  Out of the 3 OS's Linux runs the smoothest on it.  Don't bet the farm though on me giving up Windows 100% anytime soon though.

This page will never be complete.

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