P-Body Tilting Window Syndrome

Does your P-body 2 or 4 door do somthing like this?  If so you've come to the right place to find out what to do to remedy this problem.  The window has 2 black plastic tabs that attach to the rear of the window to hold it in it's track.  What happens is the clip either wears down or breaks and the window starts tilting as you roll it down.  Once the bottom clip fails the window will usually pop out of the front track like the one above did.  These clips are also found on the H-body Lebaron GTS/Lancer so this also loosely applies to those cars too.

What you need to do to fix this is first make a stop by your local dealership and ask for part #4339372 which is a slide kit and has a list if $3.85.  You'll need 2 kits per window. 

Above is what you'll be given at the dealer.  This picture shows 2 kits.  The contents of the kit are the black plastic slide, a 2pc rivit, and directions for installing the clip.  Now on to fixing this problem.

First we will have to remove the door cover.  Where the circles are in the diagram are fastners that will have to be removed.  First you'll have to remove decorative caps to gain access to them.  The red circles are phillips screws and the green one is a 8mm bolt.  When removing the arm rest if you have power locks don't forget to disconnect the harness from the switch.  The trim panel around the door handle will also have to be removed .  It slides twords the front of the car to release or at least this one did with no effort. 

At this point you should have somthing that looks like this.  Go ahead at this time & get the window rolled all the way down as it will aid on getting the door cover off.  Next the door cover is held on by a bunch of clips.  A door cover panel removal tool will come in handy. If you don't have one you can very carefully get them released using a blade screwdriver.  Using a screwdriver you chance damaging your door panel.  Once the panel is unclipped remove the panel from the door.  It will be clipped in on top also. These clips disengage by moving the panel twords the outside of the door.  With the door panel off go ahead and remove the glass from the door.      

In the two pictures above note the holes in the glass.  These are where the clips go.  If any clips still remain remove them at this time. 

Above is installing the clip.  You simply place it on one side of the glass and fold it over.  The nub on the slide should be on the inboard side of the glass.  Once folded over install the rivit with the female side inserted on the inboard size and the male peice installed on the outboard side.  Use a pair of pliers to crush the rivit to hold the clip in place.

Your finished product will look just like above.  Assembly is the reverse of removal at this point.  When installing the glass using a little bit of bar soap on the tracks will make the glass travel smoother in the door.  When your done you'll have a window that works just like this one below :)

Have fun....