General Chrysler FWD Automotive Information

Chrysler Radio Operating Instructions 
Operating instructions for some of Chrysler's radio's from '84 to the early '90's.

Compass Calibration & Variance  
Setting the compass calibration & variance for the optional overhead console for the First & Second generation Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Caravan, & Plymouth Voyager.

Digital Dash Install in a P-Body
Installing a Digital Cluster from a '89 Lebaron in my Shadow.  Everyone gives this one that has seen it a thumb's up.

P-Body Tilting Window Syndrome
Have a door window on a P-body that loves to tilt and pop out of it's track.  Here's the fix for ya.

Distance Sensor Replacement  
Directions for how to replace a distance sensor on almost all Chrysler front wheel drive vehicles powered by a 2.2/2.5/3.0 engine.  This is for the version in the tail extension housing.

Engine Computer Code's  
Everyone has one of these.  Why not me?

Engine, Body Sensor, and Relay Glossary
Need to know what somthing auto related means.  Chances are pretty good you'll find a definition here.

Factory Service Manuals - Part Numbers
Mostly system specific manual part Number's.  Full Vehicle numbers coming at a future time.

Gen 2 Chrysler Minivan's Cluster Main Page
A guide to removal of the cluster from the dash and how to dismantle it for replacement of service parts.  Also handy info to have if swapping to a tach cluster.

Heater & AC Temp Control Cable Binding

Intermittant Loss of Cruise Control
Information on fixing intermittant cruise problems with the A604/A606/41LE/41TE transmissions

'87 to '90 Light Bulb Chart for The Caravan and Voyager
I made this page a few years ago and forgot to post it. 

Quick Radiator Relocation Mounts

Resetting the Maint Req'd Light on a Gen 1 Minivan
Works on vans through 1988.  You need a Scantool to reset 1989 or newer

Paint Code's   
Some of Chrysler's paint code's from the '70's on into the 00's.

Speedometer Pinion Gear Info   
Put odd size tires on your ride and discovered your speedo is now way off.  A new speedo pionion gear may be the answer.

 Transmission Information
Part Numbers, Axle Ratio's & Part #'s for some of Chrysler's Front Wheel Drive Transmissions.  There is also a section dedicated to the A604/A606.

Vacuum Diagrams  
Links to many of the '80's & '90's vacuum diagrams for the 2.2/2.5/3.0/3.3/3.8L engine's.

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