3.0L Plenum Flip Project
Is it possible?  We'll have to see.


Above is the initial fitment mock up.  Looking at the tb you can see it interferes with the thermostat housing so a 1/2 pair of spacers would be required to clear the thermostat housing.

The first run with fitment to find issues under the hood.  This plenum was a non-egr style.  Sits right on top.  As they say so far so good.

On to the passenger side.  With the spacers you can see it sits flush and the distributor clears the plenum & vacuum nipple.  Spark plug wires will probably have to be lengthened and ran across the top of the plenum.  The fuel pressure regulator line will also have to go across the top.  A custom holder will be in order.

The first problem.  The MAP sensor is in the way of the throttle arm.   With the MAP sensor relocated all is well.

Other things needed to be done is moving the nipple on the passenger side of the plenum to the drivers side so the right amount of vacuum ports are on the right side.  Lengthening the TPS and AIS sensor harnesses along with the Charge/temp sensor on '87-'88 models.  A custom throttle cable will be needed also.

This is the EGR equipped plenum.  Obviously it won't work as the extension of the EGR does not clear the thermostat housing.  Looks like EGR equipped vehicles are going to be out of luck without a different plenum and a Non-EGR computer for later applications.

A second view of the EGR plenum.

Please keep in mind I am not presently running my van with a flipped plenum.  This page is more or less for reference on what *MIGHT* be possible

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