Links to other Useful Information for Chrysler 3.0L V6 Engines on the Net

3 Litre FAQ  - Want to know more about the 3litre engine in general.  Stop by this page.  Tons of good information & history.

Spikey's HowTo: Upgrade from a 46mm to a 52mm TB.
Simple directions on how to upgrade from the 46mm throttle body found on most 3.0 engines to the bigger 52mm throttle body.  More air anyone?

Spikey's Changing the Valve Cover Gasket's Page  - Changing the valve cover gaskets on the 3.0L

Harv's Automatic to 5 Speed Conversion Page  - A very well written page about swapping in an A543 manual transmission into a Lebaron.  The procedure is almost identical for all Chrysler FWD 3.0 V6 powered Cars.

Harv's Supercharger Project  - Harv's at it again.  Check this out.

Caravan Valve Stem Seal/Timing Belt Installation Notes  - A very informative & well written page by Ellsworth Chou on how to change out the timing belt & valve guide seals on the 3.0 Litre engine.  The page is also downloadable in Word & PDF format.

The Mopar/Mitsubishi 3.0L V6 Database  - A database started by Gary Donovan.  Has information on the 3.0 V6 & a section on upgrades that work & some that don't.  Information on the page is becoming very dated though. 

Performance Tuning the MMC 3.0L SOHC V6  - I recently found this gem of a site hidden away in my bookmarks one day.  Has a bit of good information for the 3.0 owner.  Some of the information is unfortanatly out of date now so please take it for what it's worth.

Chrysler 3.0L Intake Spacers
Page on installing spacer's on the 3.0L V6 engine.

BALLJOINT REPLACEMENT  - A handy page by Roger Lister on replacing the Ball Joints in EEKS and Minivans.

Throttle Position Sensor Mod  - A page explaining how to perform the TPS modification.

3.0L Tech Page - A great page by Mark Sutyak.  There is lots of must read 3.0L info on his site.
1991 Dodge Stealth Technical Information Manual
Page has a copy of the actual manual from Chrysler.  Handy if you own a Stealth.

Mopar 3.0L Registry  - Registry of 3.0L Vehicles, Who owns them, and what has been done to them.

Dodge Stealth/ Mitsubishi 3000GT Information Site - For those of you who tripped in here looking for some Dodge Stealth/3000GT info.

3000GT/Stealth International - A very good site on the 3000GT & Dodge Stealth.

The Ignition System in the DOHC Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth - A great page explaining the 6G72 DOHC Ignition System.

Web Ring's & Mailing List's

3.0L V6 webring
Have a site with 3.0 information or a 3.0 powered car.  Feel free to submit it for others to enjoy.

Chrysler 3.0 V6 mailing list  - A mailing list for discussing the 3litre engine.  Topics include maintenance, upgrade, diagnosis of problems, and general 3.0 litre chat.

FWDMoparMuscle  -A Mailing list covering all of Chrysler's FWD engine's including the 3.0L.

Some sibling motor mailing lists

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