3.0L SOHC Abnormal Oil Consumption
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Abnormal Oil Consumption

Models affected

1987-89 S/AS Bodies
1988-89 C/AC Bodies
1989 AA Body All Equipped With 3.0L Engine


October 16, 1989


Some owners may express concern of abnormal oil consumption (1 qt. per 400-500 miles) on 1987-89 domestic vehicles equipped with the 3.0L engine. In addition they may complain of lack of power, rough idle, hesitation and driveway dieout.
This condition may be the result of sludge accumulation in the left bank (FRONT) rocker cover baffle oil drain hole. Plugging or restricting of the baffle oil drain hole may result in oil pull-over into the PCV system.


Remove the MAP sensor hose and PCV hose, inspect hoses for evidence of oil accumulation. If oil is present, remove the left (FRONT) rocker cover. Inspect the inside of the rocker cover for sludge accumulation and/or a restricted drain hole, Figure 1. If there is an accumulation of sludge or drain hole is restricted perform the following repair procedure. If the rocker cover is free of sludge and the drain hole is clear, perform an oil consumption diagnosis as outlined in the appropriate Technical Service Manual.


1         Rocker Cover                              P/N MD156425
1         PCV Valve                                 P/N MD102195
1         Gasket, Rocker Cover                      P/N MD133671
1         Silicone Rubber Adhesive (RTV)            P/N 4318025

This repair involves replacing the left rocker cover, PCV valve and cleaning the PCV and MAP sensor hose.

1. Remove the left rocker cover (FRONT). 
2. Position the new rocker gasket P/N MD133671 in the new rocker cover P/N MD156425. 
3. Apply silicone rubber adhesive (RTV) P/N 4318025 to the cover ends, Figure 2.
4. Install the rocker cover on the cylinder head, tighten the rocker cover screws to 88 in.lbs. (10 N-m) torque. 
5. Install new PCV valve P/N MD102195 in the rocker cover. 
6. Clean the MAP sensor hose and PCV hose with compressed air. 
7. Install the MAP sensor hose and PCV hose.
*Information from Chrysler Technical Service Bullitain number 09-16-89 (C09-15-9)

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