Chrysler 3.0 Litre Engine Electrical Connections

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Single Module Engine Controller (SMEC) 60 Way Connector ('87-'89 models)
Single Board Engine Controller (SBEC) 14 Way Connector ('90-up models)
AC Cutout Relay
Starter Relay
Radiator Fan Relay
ASD Relay
Optical Sensor in Distributor
Coolant Sensor
Spark Plug and Coil Wires
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
MAP Sensor
Fuel Injector Harness
Fuel Injectors
Charge Temp Sensor ('87-'88 Models)
Automatic Idle Speed Motor (AIS)
System Ground Eyelet on Driver's Side of Cylinder Head
Engine Harness to Main Harness
Battery Cables
Battery Ground on Engine
Engine to Firewall Ground Strap
Canister Purge Solenoid(Older Style)
Canister Purge Solenoid(Newer Style)
Speed Control Solonoid(If so equipped)
Ignition Coil(typical)
Oxygen Sensor
Speed/Distance Sensor
Radiator Fan Motor
Condenser Fan Motor (If so equipped S Body)
A/C Clutch
A/C Damped Pressure Switch
Electronic A/C control (C body only)
Neutral Safety Switch(A670 Trans)
Transmission Lockup Solenoid(A670 Trans)
A604 Transmission Connectors
Oil Pressure Sending Unit('87-'88 Models)
Oil Pressure Switch('87-'88 Models)
Combination Oil Pressure Sending Unit/Switch('89 & Newer models)

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