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3.0L SOHC Engine Electrical Connections
Typical locations of electrical connectors on and around the engine.


3.0L SOHC Engine Specifications & Misc Info
Specifications for the 3.0L V6 as used by Chrysler

3.0L SOHC Gasket Diagram Guide
I said why not to this one.  Might as well find out where those odd gaskets go.

3.0L SOHC Abnormal Oil Consumption
One cause of abnormal oil consumption on early 3.0L SOHC Engines.

3.0L SOHC Crank Pulley/Harmonic Balancer Breakage
Just looking at the pics gives me the cringes

24v 3.0L SOHC Head Pics & Misc
Some pictures of the 24V SOHC heads used on the newer Eclipse.

Other 6G7x Motors
A little info on some of the other varients of the motor out there

3.0L SOHC V6 Useful Diagrams
Useful diagrams of the 3.0L SOHC Engine includes cooling system, oil system, belt routing, and others.

3.0L Belt Tensioners & Routing Diagram
Belt Routing for the 3L Engine.

3.0L Timing Belt Diagram
3L Timing Belt Diagram

3.0L SOHC Block Callout Photo's
Pictures showing block water drains & mounting details for some accessories.

Flat Rocker's & Roller Rocker's
Pictures Only

Pictures of the prototype 3.0L SOHC Turbo Engine
Pictures of the Chrysler 3.0L SOHC prototype turbo engine.
Courtasy of  Robert Hassler.  This page takes a long time to load.

Links to Performance Part Vendors for 3.0L V6 engines

Links to other useful information and Site's on 3.0L V6 Engine's

Bolt on external oil cooler


My Plenum Swap Project & Notes
This section also cover's a little on exhaust manifolds, and EGR & PVC Location.

3.0L Plenum Flip Project
Is it possible?  We'll have to see.

Nitetrain's Wild Porting Pictures
Do you really think I'd let these fall of f the web.  Yet again saving them from disappearing.


Pictures of Rick Lozier's 1991 Dodge Daytona ES 3.0L V6
Was hosted by Harv, but because of bandwidth issues I volunteered to host them.  This vehicle has recently changed ownership.  Glad to see Chris G. ended up with it.  Can't think of anyone more deserving.

3.0L Myth's on the Internet
Were going to squash some of these myths yet!!!

3.0L Related TSB's
TSB's Available for download

OEM Part #'s For Various Part's that I have Collected
Part numbers for various engine components.

Just Some Picture's


A-543 5 Speed Swap in a Minivan
This project is finally completed.  What a rush to drive this van now :)

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