3.0L Myth's on the Internet
Were Going to get these squashed yet.

Over the last few years it seems some myths have developed about the Chrysler 3.0L SOHC V6 engine online.  This page is here to help bring an end to these myth's.

The first myth I'm going to start with is with computers and the need for a fan if you add a cold air intake.  The computer does not need a fan.  Even with the intake air tube removed from it there is still plenty of airflow to keep the computer at a safe operating temprature.  Even people in the desert have reported no problems.  Add a fan if you must, but you really don't need it and the money for the fan would be better spent elsewhere.

The second myth that comes to mind is the computer retards the timing after so many seconds.  This again is false.  To date no one has been able to bring substantle proof to the table that this is the case.  Until someone does it doesn't retard timing.

More to follow....

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