3.3L V6 Airbox Mod

Want to get a couple of extra hp from your 3.3L engine, but don't want to spend any money.  Read on this page is for you.

Air Box on the 3.3L engine.

Many '90's Chrysler vehicles equipped with the 3.3L V6 engine had a restrictor in the air box where the fresh air entered the unit.  This added peice of plastic restricts the airflow path 3/4 of an inch.  The peice of plastic acts as a silencer in the airpath and was placed there to address noise concerns.  Most people I know who are looking for performance gains could care less about the little extra noise.  Then again if your looking for bigger gains you'll probobly bypass this trick and go for a CAI.

Picture of restrictor in the airbox

To remove this restrictor will require removal of the airbox.  Losen the hoseclamp at the throttle body and relase the clips holding the lid for the air cleaner.  Remove the aircleaner lid from the vehicle or duck it out of the way.  2 10mm nuts hold the airbox assembly to the drivers side strut tower.   Removing those two nuts and the friction fit hose on the right hand side will allow removal of the airbox from the car.    Once the airbox is out  tap the restrictor from inside the box a couple of times with the back of a screwdriver and it should fall right out.  Reassembly is the reverse of removal.

Below is pictures of the airbox openings with and without the restrictor.

Picture of airway with restrictor

Picture of airway without restrictor

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