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"This is not your ordinary soccer mom's van"

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A-543 Swap Project

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A Little About my Van
This is my '88 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. Manufactured on 8-06-87 and equipped with the Mitsubishi 3.0 Litre V6 engine & a grafted in A543 manual transmission w/3.50 Final Drive.  Due to the time frame  the van was made in it's suffering from the typical bad paint syndrome most Chrysler's end up developing.  The Dark Blue is peeling off and the poor roof's clear coat is starting to go.  It also does not help living in the 'rust belt' either.  I'm hoping to get the body remedied in good time.  I would like to go with black when I get to the repaint stage, but that is a long way off.
Picture Taken July '02
This is the Engine my Van is powered by:  The Chrysler/Mitsubishi 3.0 Litre V6 as mentioned earlier.  This engine was used in a wide array of Chrysler's lineup including the Acclaim, Daytona,  Dynasty,  New Yorker, Lebaron, Shadow,  Spirit,  Sundance, and Voyager.  There were also dual cam and turbo variants available in the DSM cars and Mitsubishi lineup.  More on this motor can be read here

Future plan's include an under drive pulley, suspension work, and dress up accessories.  My full list of other idea's are further down the page.  Thing's I've already done to the van include  elimination of the egr system, Newer style 2.5" output manifolds with a 2.5" exhaust, ditched the resonator, Custom Fuel injector's 10% over,  Motor out of a '92 Acclaim with the newer style roller rocker's, relocated the map sensor to the alt bracket Newer Style Plenum, and a set of Plenum Spacers.

Picture of the motor before the plenum swap out took place. 
Picture taken Sept. '00

Recent pictures of the 5 speed conversion goodies.

Picture's taken May '02

My list of other things I want to do in upgrades:

Well this upcoming spring  is going to get interesting.  In October '02 as many know I had a crank damper fail and wipe the key way to hold the crank pulley stationary on the crankshaft.  More or less making the crank a huge paperweight.  At first I was going to use this breakage as an excuse to move to a Gen 2 minivan and move the 5 speed components off the '88 onto the new van.  After quite a bit of email and talking to other's I decided to give the old van a reprieve.

So out the motor came and RCX Motorsports was born.   RCX Motorsports you ask?  RCX Motorsports is my pun on the Shelby CSX.  RCX simply stands for Rob Carter Experimental.   So what is in store?  We'll just have to wait and see....  Any information I decide to share as time goes on can be viewed here.

I will say the end product will be known as a "Grand Caravan RCX"  Number "1 of none!" (Ed I'm really starting to like this one of none thing!)

Cosmetic & Performance Upgrade's I've done:

Motor from '92 Acclaim with all the roller cam & rocker goodies.
A-543 5 Speed transmission w/3.50 final
Newer Style Plenum w/port work
Nitetrain's plenum spacer's
52mm throttle body
Cold Air Intake w/Cone filter
Custom 10% over injectors
Walbro 255/LR Fuel Pump
Relocated MAP sensor to later style bracket on the front of the Alternator.
Front & Trans motor mounts filled. (pass mount will be done soon)
GDI Dual Core Radiator
180^ Thermostat(Removed for the winter)
Accel 8mm wires
MSD Blaster SS Coil
Coil relocated to front of Plenum
Upgraded Exhaust w/later style 2.5" exhaust manifolds
Ditched the Resonator
New Rear Shock Mount's & HD Shocks(going on 3 years ago now)
Heavy Duty Lift gate Shocks.
MP Bobble strut - Part#P5007028 (for a Neon)
Power Drivers seat(added for finding that very comfortable position)
Caravan C/V mirror's on drivers & passengers doors.(Makes seeing the imports behind me easier)
Front Seats upgraded to LE Trim Level(Might as well be comfortable)
Full Size Spare
Gutted interior from behind front seats back

Equipment My Van Came With from the Factory

SE Trim Package w/2 tone Paint
7 Passenger W/Arm Rests on all Seats
Tinted Glass
Power Locks
Tilt Wheel
Rear Defrost
Rear Wiper W/Intermittant feature
Full instrumentation including Tach & 125 mph speedo
Lighted Mirror's on both visor's
Remote back windows w/ hand cranks in the ceiling (an absolutely cool option)
Center Console
Infinity Cassette

Video Footage
Milan Dragway - 07/26/2002 #1   Run 1/4 mile time 16.732@83.61 mph.

Picture Of  Rob w/3litre V6 & A670 3 Speed Automatic out of '88 Caravan

Last updated 07/02/2003

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