Misc Pictures

Picture of engine with MAP sensor relocation and you can see the corner of the new radiator. 
A picture of the hood after the fly up incident on the Highway.  Ouch!!!  Very lucky that I didn't break that new windshield.
Picture of the van with it's newly aquired hood.  Couldn't find a good blue one to save my life so I opted for a rust free black one since I want to paint the van black at a later date.  Also note the Pizza rim on the back. 
Picture of my taillight incident.  Accidently found the neighbors fence on day.  Fixed it pretty quick I will say.  BTW Ohio winters suck.  Maybe not as bad as Wisconsin, but they still suck.  The thing I hate most is all the salt that they use on the roads.  Eats up cars pretty quick.  Geuss that's why they call it "the rust belt".
Pictures of t\my EGR block off plates I made after imstallation on my plenum.
A shot of the inside front of my van.  Not in too bad of shape for a 13 year old vehicle with over 200k on it.
Another Shot.  This one through the sliding door.
Out Playing at the track.

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