Upgrading My CAI(Cold Air Intake)

I always seem to be into the prusuit of more power.  I'd been talking about relocating my cone filter to a cooler area for awhile now and one day I got the bug to finially do somthing about it.

Above is a picture of my origional CAI.  It just used  the existing factory pipe and placed the cone filter in place of the airbox.  Sitting right below the cone filter is one of the exaust manifolds.  Thinking about all the heat that manifold puts off this cannot be the best place for this filter.  Looks like it is time to move this thing.  Now just where to move it to.  I got it. In front of the motor next to the radiator where the AC condensor used to be.

Time to remove the current setup & get ready to reroute all the plumbing.   In my plan to route it to the front I decided yet again to reuse the factory pipe, but this time direct it under the throttle cable bracket and around to the front of the motor.  Somthing like what you will see in the next picture.  Minivan owner's with the A670 transmission The linkages for the kickdown make routing the intake this way more difficult if not nearly impossible.

Now I have the plumbing facing the way I need it.  Now how will I get it all the way over to that big hole next to my radiator.  Hmmm maybe a 2½ peice of exhaust pipe will do the trick to get it there.  Maybe somthing like what is in the next 2 pics

Now with that all figured out it is time to get it all placed in the vehicle.  I ended up routing the pipe down at an angle twords the hole going between the radiator and oil fill tube.  I used an existing hole in the cowl and 2 nyties to hold it in place and to support the weight so as the pipe was not resting on the valve cover of the engine.

Now that it is routed up front I have a new problem here.  Everytime it rains my filter is now going to get wet.  This can't be good either.  I've got a plan for this too.  See the next picture.

A sheet of metal behind the grill should do the trick(I used roof flashing).  All I did was to remove the grill, cut the sheet to size, notched a section so the air filter could get some air(keep in mind air will come in between the grill & bumper below the filter.), and attached it with 4 ny ties to the grill for now.  At a later date I'll figure out a cleaner way to do it, but when your working with what you have laying around it works.  Later on I'll replace this with some sort of ram air setup.

Total cost for this change to my intake was $4 for a peice of exhaust pipe, some paint, and time.  The smile on my face.   Priceless.........

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