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The present engine configuration of my car is an early 2.2 litre T1 engine with an A525 5 speed manual trans.  The A525 is going bye bye and an A520 will soon be in it's place.  This car is stock except for upgraded spark plug wires, a boost gauge out of a Shadow, & koni's out back.   Other upgrades will follow.  Trust me.


I  added a boost gauge in one of the vents.  The gauge I used was a square gauge that came out of a Shadow. I used a dremel to cut out the vent & trim the gauge to fit in the opening.  I tapped into the dash lighting circut near the ash tray light so that the gauge was illuminated at night.   I will say the print does come close to matching the other gauges.  As you can see in the pictures the gauge is a little off center still.  I need to get the dremel out and trim a little more away so that I get a better fit.  All in good time though.


Plans for the Car

My upgrade plans for the car is going to be a new transmission first(since I blew up the 525).  I ended up acquiring an A-520 transmission with a 3.85 ratio out of an '89 mini van.  I got a good deal on the little bugger and bought it not knowing exactly what I was buying until after the fact.  I ended up paying $89 for the trans, but in the end it will only be $39.  I gave the pick 'n pull a bunch of crap about wanting to charge me a core charge on the transmission.  The reason I did this was because the yard is going out of business and they are only open until the end of the month.  So they gave me a voucher for free entry to their $35 all you can carry sale, + if I get the trans back I'll get the $15 core charge back.  thus getting a $39 A-520.  Not bad for a little bartering.  I'm going to use the free admission to get as much of the extra goodies like the shifter, cable's, yoke, and that '88-'90 auto driver's side shaft out of automatic Omni/Horizon. To see some of my conversion pictures click here.  I will warn everybody there is alot of pictures there and the page takes awhile to load at 56k.

I have also recently acquired a set of Late T1 manifolds w/1 piece intake, T1 airbox,  vacuum harness, & I am working on acquiring  a few other goodies I will need to convert to the later setup including a new logic module..  I think this car is going to be a blast to drive when I am done.  If you want to learn more about converting an older T1 car to T2 or near status check out this page.

Thing's I have Gathered The Parts to do and Just Have to Bolt Them On

A-520 Manual Trans W/3.85:1 gear ratio.
Cable Shifter & Cables
Half Shafts & Intermediate shaft w/all mounting hardware
Late T1 1 piece intake & exhaust manifolds (still collecting small parts)
T1 Airbox (Still need to convert it for intercooling)
Vacuum Harness(needs some attention)
Slimline Cooling Fan out of an Acclaim.
Brackets & Master Cylinder for SLH 1 Brake Upgrade

Cosmetic & Other Upgrade's I've done:

Boost Gauge

Equipment My SC Came With from the Factory

2.2 Turbo I Engine
A-525 5 Speed Manual Transmission
AM/FM Cassette

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