My '86 Shelby Charger

"The Shelby Charger is the best buy on the market. Its combination of excellent handling and awesome
               horsepower make it tough to beat in any test regardless of price category." Popular Hot Rodding, March '87

Welcome to my '86 Dodge Shelby Charger page.  I found this car in an ad in the local trading post for $500 not running in March 2000.  I didn't have a place to store another car, but decided to go out and take a look at it  anyway.    The car had a wide array of small problems including bad paint, light body damage, no heat(bad blower motor), just to name a few, but the car was complete with no major parts missing.  It's runability issue was bad power module.  One of the previous owners friends pulled one of the connectors off the module with the ignition on and fried it.  I ended up obtaining a module and driving it home under it's own power and I will tell you what a rush.  Especially when that turbo kicks in!!!.  Upon doing a little research I found out there were 7669 made in 1986 and only 793 in my paint scheme.  If you want to learn more about the Shelby Charger's check out this site.

 Shortly after getting the car home and starting to work some of the bugs out I started having electrical problems and ended up going through 3 alternators and another power module before it was remedied.  The first alt took the regulator in my new power module out and I'm not sure what was up with the second alt, but replacing the alt. and the power module at the same time remedied the problem.  I then moved on to replace the passenger side wheel bearing which was grinding away.  I do need to get the driver's side done too and I have the bearing, but my recent mishap with toasting the transmission will aid in getting that done.  This also gives me an excuse to do a SLH 1 upgrade to the brakes.



After about putting 2000 miles on the car I started having transmission problems and one day pulling out of the driveway 1st & reverse locked up on me.  2nd through 5th still seem to be fine though.  Looks like I'll be doing that transmission conversion alot sooner than I thought.


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