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News updates:

Sorry I've been gone for so long.  Things in life happened and I've not touched the site in about 3 years.  Earlier this year my service provider decided to hijack my domain.  I've been fighting with them for months to get it back in my control.  Finally enough is enough and not a day went by that I didn't hear from someone about where the site disappeared to so my temporary answer was to register a new domain.  Since my absence the '95 Caravan left me and I picked up a '95 Intrepid. 

I'm also working on getting the vin decoder back online.  I'll hopefully get it up by the end of October.

A few months after the Shadow and Hor went bye bye the Lebaron went bye bye too.  It was replaced with a '95 Grand Caravan.  As most may guess it is 3.0L powered.  Do I have anything in store for this one.  We'll just wait and see.

The '89 Shadow had to go along with the Hor..  The Shadow back in June right after having the trans rebuilt it decided to throw a rod 110 miles from home.  Now due to changes in my life I could not keep the car.  The Horizon ended up hitting the scrap heap.  Someone tried to help me find a home for it with no success.  The only car I will be keeping is the '94 Lebaron LE 4 door.

Not having regular access to the internet gave me new found time to actually do some housekeeping on my computer and get some of my auto goodies sorted.  Don't be surprised if a few new pages show up this spring along with some others updated. 

Newer Pages:

A new page has been added to the Gen 2 Minivan cluster removal pages.  The new page covers the dis assembly for the '94 and '95 vans.  It can be seen here.

The vin decoder from  fwdmoparmuscle.com has moved to this site.  Click here to go there now.   The rest of the technical pages from that site are in the process of being filtered into this site. I've been flipping the bill to keep that site alive for awhile now and decided it was time to quit doing so and move some of the content over here.

The 3.0L Section of the Repair/Upgrade main page is now broken down into categories.  Should help in finding pages in that section.

I finally have the site map corrected and up to date.  Should make quick navigating the site much easier now.

I've been at it again and have developed a new page on installing a digital cluster in a P-body.  More can be read about this here.

Do you have tilting windows in your P-body.  Check out this fix here.

Don't forget to visit The Mopar 3.0L Registry on this site.  To go to the registry click hereRegistry last updated 7/04/2007


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